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Days till Birthday: 3

Tonight I am 178 pounds of happiness, beauty and optimism.

I had a grumpy day, but now I am feeling most excellent. Yet another day of not working out, I feel bad, but I am still recovering from strep and needed the extra sleep. Or so my body seemed to think when it fell asleep right after turning off the alarm. Didn’t even get out for a walk…oh well. My eating was pretty good today and James and I went on an adventure to the doctor.

Got a hair cut, feelin’ spiffy and pretty 🙂 much better than the last one, which I got very angry at and “fixed” myself with a pair of dull sewing scissors. I think my version was much more acceptable, though still not very good haha.

Breakfast: A bagel thin, one half with minimal light cream cheese, the other with margarine, two slices of pineapple, juice. Snack: apple Lunch: two small slices of veggie pizza bread Snack: banana Snack: half an apple, half a piece of chocolate Dinner: veggies, a couple bites of quinoa (a grain) with veggies in it, a piece of bread. Dessert: a Ferrero Rondnoir (Dark chocolate =], 60 calories, FULL OF YUM)

So yes, fairly good day I think 🙂 except the no exercise part.

I think all you people who used to read this think I’m boring now that I’ve achieved my goal 😦 there will be a new one after Saturday, I promise!! Don’t leave meee! I had ZERO views today until I told James to click on it just so I wouldn’t feel like a total loser. I feel oooh so special. With a capital R. Lulz grade 6 jokes ^_^

What is beauty?

A Smile, A Laugh, A Giggle, A Bit Of Joy ❤


Days till Birthday: 8

With a week and a day left to go, I have my very first taste of victory.

My very first taste of the 170’s at night, the taste of NOT seeing an 8 in the slot of the second digit, the taste of This is why I’m doing this, this is what I have been working for.

I was away on a trip to Disneyland with my school band for 4 days, then I got home and came down with strep throat, which I am still recovering from, so working out has been pretty minimal.

Today I went back to it, did the BL Challenge thingme, which I was epic fail at (it was all pushups and sprints starts and pushups and sprint starts and I am NOT good at those two things just yet), so I came in third last on this week’s rank 😦 but that’s okay, I lost another pound (even though I was in Disneyland, I am not entirely certain how I managed that!). Today I also did a quick 10 minute yoga session for a bit of extra exercise.

Not feeling the greatest from the antibiotics I’m on. Eating has been interesting, has mostly involved carbs to calm my stomach.

Breakfast: bagel thin, one side with light strawberry cream cheese, the other with margarine, plus a banana Snack: some pineapple and grapes Lunch: 3 falafels wrapped in lettuce with spicy mustard Snack: some caramel popcorn, a few coconut m&m’s (brought those back for James from Cali), half a can of 7 up (This snack was not my shining moment, don’t follow its lead!)  Dinner: Veggies, brussel sprouts, potatoes with gravy, a piece and a half of bread

And that is that.

I received a comment a while ago that really discouraged me… I would just like to put it out there that if you don’t like my blog, don’t read it, and that it’s pretty obvious that this adventure is not the easiest one I could have chosen to embark on. I have up days and down days, and I am here to communicate what I’m feeling with the world around me. I hope that some people find it helpful. Smiles!

Days till Birthday: 22


181.5lbs at 10:10 pm. Go me!! I lost weight over the course of the day!! (started at 182.5lbs this morning)

I had a good 50 minute circuit workout on Biggest Loser for Wii today. Pushed myself really hard, got a proficiency of 4/5 which I’ve only done a handful of times. I’m really proud of myself about that, my portion control and my eating over all.

Breakfast: toast with peanut butter, a banana, small glass of juice. Snack: a plum. Lunch: you guessed it, yogurt and granola 🙂 Snack: a banana Snack: shared a small creme egg mcflurry with my friend (could have skipped it, but I did a good job not to eat to much, which I am proud of.) Dinner: 3 spinach and mushroom nuggets (sounds nasty, is kind of nasty unless dipped in ketchup lol), about 15 tater tots, peas.

I took about a third of the nuggets and tater tots that I normally would have, which is what I think really made the difference today. I’m really proud of that, and if I can keep it up, I think that is what will be the real key to me starting to lose weight and keep it off. Even if I can’t meet my goal of being consistently below 180lbs by my birthday, if I keep this up I’ll be well on my way. I will relish the moment I see a 7 where the 8 normally is. To get into the 170s will feel so good. I remember how good it felt when I finally clawed my way out of the 190s during the summer last year when I made my first real effort. A year ago I was probably about 200 pounds. I’ve come a long way since then but there is still a very long way to go to meet my overall healthy target.


Days till Birthday: 32

At 10:00pm my weight was 185.5lbs. (In clothes, I might add.)

When I first started, I didn’t think I would be able to share this on a blog. I was just writing a journal, but I’m beginning to think support beyond my boyfriend is a good idea. So, hello outside world, your input is welcome 🙂

From my journal: “I’m doing this for me. Not for anyone else. This is for myself, my health, my well-being, my future. Me.”

That was a week ago. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I’ve started exercising regularly and eating better. It’ll take time.

Good night to all, I will try to share tips and tricks, just not right now because I am tired.