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Days till Birthday: 3

Tonight I am 178 pounds of happiness, beauty and optimism.

I had a grumpy day, but now I am feeling most excellent. Yet another day of not working out, I feel bad, but I am still recovering from strep and needed the extra sleep. Or so my body seemed to think when it fell asleep right after turning off the alarm. Didn’t even get out for a walk…oh well. My eating was pretty good today and James and I went on an adventure to the doctor.

Got a hair cut, feelin’ spiffy and pretty 🙂 much better than the last one, which I got very angry at and “fixed” myself with a pair of dull sewing scissors. I think my version was much more acceptable, though still not very good haha.

Breakfast: A bagel thin, one half with minimal light cream cheese, the other with margarine, two slices of pineapple, juice. Snack: apple Lunch: two small slices of veggie pizza bread Snack: banana Snack: half an apple, half a piece of chocolate Dinner: veggies, a couple bites of quinoa (a grain) with veggies in it, a piece of bread. Dessert: a Ferrero Rondnoir (Dark chocolate =], 60 calories, FULL OF YUM)

So yes, fairly good day I think 🙂 except the no exercise part.

I think all you people who used to read this think I’m boring now that I’ve achieved my goal 😦 there will be a new one after Saturday, I promise!! Don’t leave meee! I had ZERO views today until I told James to click on it just so I wouldn’t feel like a total loser. I feel oooh so special. With a capital R. Lulz grade 6 jokes ^_^

What is beauty?

A Smile, A Laugh, A Giggle, A Bit Of Joy ❤