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Days till Birthday: 22


181.5lbs at 10:10 pm. Go me!! I lost weight over the course of the day!! (started at 182.5lbs this morning)

I had a good 50 minute circuit workout on Biggest Loser for Wii today. Pushed myself really hard, got a proficiency of 4/5 which I’ve only done a handful of times. I’m really proud of myself about that, my portion control and my eating over all.

Breakfast: toast with peanut butter, a banana, small glass of juice. Snack: a plum. Lunch: you guessed it, yogurt and granola 🙂 Snack: a banana Snack: shared a small creme egg mcflurry with my friend (could have skipped it, but I did a good job not to eat to much, which I am proud of.) Dinner: 3 spinach and mushroom nuggets (sounds nasty, is kind of nasty unless dipped in ketchup lol), about 15 tater tots, peas.

I took about a third of the nuggets and tater tots that I normally would have, which is what I think really made the difference today. I’m really proud of that, and if I can keep it up, I think that is what will be the real key to me starting to lose weight and keep it off. Even if I can’t meet my goal of being consistently below 180lbs by my birthday, if I keep this up I’ll be well on my way. I will relish the moment I see a 7 where the 8 normally is. To get into the 170s will feel so good. I remember how good it felt when I finally clawed my way out of the 190s during the summer last year when I made my first real effort. A year ago I was probably about 200 pounds. I’ve come a long way since then but there is still a very long way to go to meet my overall healthy target.