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Took Some Time

I’ve been having some difficulties, and I came to my senses this morning once and for all…

However much I hate counting calories, I’ll get back on track. I can do this….

I’ve been exercising quite a bit lately, tried hot yoga a couple times, it’s really great 🙂

I guess I’ll need to set myself some new goals one of these days. Kind of just trying to get through life.

171 lbs this morning.



Feeling pretty good. Been running and eating well. Have been exercising pretty well every single day, and though I haven’t been counting calories, I have been eating healthy and not to the point of feeling too full.

I will bring you all a more detailed post when I don’t have to wake up in 7 hours 😦 lol I promise!


Didn’t exactly meet my goals. But I didn’t exactly do horribly either. Probably ate around 1500 calories instead of 1400. Ate a small piece of coconut pound cake at 8:45 (that is after 7, Emily. Jeez….and it’s made of crappiness). I also didn’t write down the stuff I ate at home, though I kept track of it in my head. It wasn’t as precise of a counting/ measurement as I usually like to keep, but I was exhausted and lazy tonight, and I’m going to let myself make lame excuses and try to justify it because I just really want to go to bed.

Tomorrow I do NOT have to work such ridiculously long, hard hours, So it will be better.

I’m going to do my zumba dancin’ tomorrow morning.

Goodnight, all.

Today was Decent

I completed all my goals for today. Go meeee!

  • Exercised this morning. Went for a run (well, a half-run by which I mean I ran over half the distance and walked the rest)
  • Wrote down everything I ate BEFORE I ate it
  • Kept to 1500 calories
  • Didn’t eat after 6:30 pm (I told myself no food after 7)
For tomorrow:
  • No food after 7pm
  • write down everything I eat before I eat it
  • 1400 calories
  • I won’t be working out/ running/ exercising expressly for the sake of exercise because I start work at 7 am…. get to wake up at 5:45, and I work until 4:30 pm. hurray for 9 and a half hour work day! I will be sooo exhausted. And in my job, trust me, I BURN CALORIES.
So yeah. three goals for tomorrow, I completed four today, but tomorrow I need to curb my eating even more. I can do this.
Remember Emily. 165. New ring. Let’s do this up! I can do this.


I am amused by the fact that I get about triple the views per day when I don’t post anything for a week.


Quick update: Haven’t weighed in for quite a while, decided to give up on Biggest Loser for now, wasn’t working for me anymore. Got a Zumba game for my wii that I’ve done once, but for the most part I’ve been pretty lazy and stressed. The whole being not fat thing has kind of failed for the past few weeks (aka past month)

Being so stressed about my job plays a big role I think…. I’m pretty drained and all I want to do is flake on the couch and eat fuzzy peaches at the end of the day. My emotions are all just so… DONE. I hate it. I hate that job. Ugh.

I don’t know what to do. I just need to……. FIX my life. Just find a way to eat well, exercise, be good at my job, have some friends, not get my boyfriend mad and upset with me….

There’s just so much. I can’t handle all of it. And unfortunately right now the things that are falling the most to the side are my eating and my exercising.

Which is bad.


Help me?


So I’ve been REALLY lazy and lax the past…. ohhh I’d say month or so.

Like, yesterday was bad…

I’ve only worked out like twice in the past two weeks.

I think that the Biggest Loser game for wii has started to lose its charm and effectiveness…. It may be time to try and find something new. And I need to do it soon, because I’m going to start gaining 😦 …..I have not been eating very well, and on top of that, a lack of exercise is going to make me gain back everything I’ve lost. I need to fix this and get going again.

Any suggestions anyone…


I really NEED to start counting calories again. Tomorrow. Seriously. For real.

1400 a day, NO MORE CAKE EMILY. And no timbits either. RAWR.

Healthy good food, and controlled portions of it too. This needs to start happening again. I can’t lose all this work I’ve done, I can’t sabotage myself like this. I need to get back on track, I need to fix this. I need to get consistently below 170. I know I can do this. I know I can do this…..

Help me!


I worked out. Hard. Like really hard. 45 minutes of hardcore abs.

I cheated again though, I started yet ANOTHER new program, which I WILL stick with…. (fingers crossed… Emily have will power!) I set it up for only 3 times a week, which will hopefully coincide with my schedule a little better, plus starting it on tuesday means that I have workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays which is exactly what I need to do. I made the routines longer though, and that extra 15 minutes is absolutely exhausting, I gotta tell ya. I was expecting it to be over when I still had two sets of exercises plus stretching left to do. Plus it started repeating exercises, which means those same muscle groups get to do some MORE screaming at me all over again (they don’t like it when I make them do work twice), and I was really tired and REALLY hungry after. Burned I think like 190 calories, but I was SO HUNGRY! I had already eaten close to 1000 calories during the day, but I had to eat more than 400 at dinner, I was so starved. I ate my supper, waited like half an hour, then when I was still hungry I had some rhubarb and oatmeal casserole (with reduced sugar at my request, made by mommy =3 ) It was delish, but I have a bit of heartburn from the acidic rhubarb now.

Pft. Who am I to complain?! I felt. SO. GOOD. after that workout. SOO GOOOD. I think I will sleep LEAGUES better tonight, even though I’m less tired before bed than I have been. Hopefully I will have more energy tomorrow and be less dependent on coffee… I drank two cups of it this morning, and the caffeine hit me like a brick and I was so jittery, then I was just bouncy for a few hours. It kept me awake at least though.

When I woke up this morning, it was NOT to my alarm (about which I was very dismayed, I had planned on working out before work, not after), but to my mother. I had slept straight through my alarm, and woke up feeling groggy, grumpy and GROSS. (heh alliteration). Coffee helped to some degree, good day at work helped more, exercise made me feel amazing, and a delicious dinner of fried macaroni, salad, beans and really good bread was the cherry on top.

I’m feeling good right now. No exercise scheduled for tomorrow, but just maybe I’ll have to summon the energy to do a little something extra in order to honour my new goal…Which I shall post about right now.

Good luck to you all in your healthy adventures 🙂