My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

5 Reasons to Get Healthy

1) When you look in the mirror you will see an amazing and beautiful person every single time, and your outlook and self-identity will become filled with positive thoughts. Even criticisms you have of yourself will become more constructive rather than filled with negativity and depression.

2) You will have an increased amount of respect for yourself, you will become more confident and comfortable in your own body… maybe if you used to hate having your picture taken because of feeling awkward you can dress up and have a photoshoot in your wonderful new body

3) You can look through your closet and try on all those old clothes… The jeans that are now three sizes too big, the belt that you used to wear on the biggest hole that there is now a two inch gap between it and your tummy on the smallest hole (that happened to me =] ), the shirts that cling to your curves rather than your curves bulging out of them……….. AND now you have an excuse to go shopping. AND you will try on clothes and find out your new size and feel amazing when you fit a MEDIUM instead of XL.

4) People will notice, and you will have a constant reminder of how far you’ve come. When other people notice, where it used to make you feel self-conscious it will now make you glow and feel wonderful. My mother’s boss commented on how much better I look. My friends notice how skinny my legs are when I wear shorts and skirts. Going public with your weightloss can be a good thing in general…. you’ll get constant feedback, which is for the most I’ve found part very positive, reinforcing and encouraging.

5) Your health in general will improve beyond your wildest dreams. My cholesterol has dropped about 2 points in the past year and a half, which I attribute to both the weight loss and becoming vegetarian. I used to hyperventilate every time I exercised, and that doesn’t happen very often anymore because I’m in a lot better shape. I also sleep a lot better. It’s all those little things that you don’t think about very often, that you just get used to as a part of your life, that you pay no mind to UNTIL YOU NOTICE THEY’RE GONE. 


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