My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!


Didn’t exactly meet my goals. But I didn’t exactly do horribly either. Probably ate around 1500 calories instead of 1400. Ate a small piece of coconut pound cake at 8:45 (that is after 7, Emily. Jeez….and it’s made of crappiness). I also didn’t write down the stuff I ate at home, though I kept track of it in my head. It wasn’t as precise of a counting/ measurement as I usually like to keep, but I was exhausted and lazy tonight, and I’m going to let myself make lame excuses and try to justify it because I just really want to go to bed.

Tomorrow I do NOT have to work such ridiculously long, hard hours, So it will be better.

I’m going to do my zumba dancin’ tomorrow morning.

Goodnight, all.


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