My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Today was Decent

I completed all my goals for today. Go meeee!

  • Exercised this morning. Went for a run (well, a half-run by which I mean I ran over half the distance and walked the rest)
  • Wrote down everything I ate BEFORE I ate it
  • Kept to 1500 calories
  • Didn’t eat after 6:30 pm (I told myself no food after 7)
For tomorrow:
  • No food after 7pm
  • write down everything I eat before I eat it
  • 1400 calories
  • I won’t be working out/ running/ exercising expressly for the sake of exercise because I start work at 7 am…. get to wake up at 5:45, and I work until 4:30 pm. hurray for 9 and a half hour work day! I will be sooo exhausted. And in my job, trust me, I BURN CALORIES.
So yeah. three goals for tomorrow, I completed four today, but tomorrow I need to curb my eating even more. I can do this.
Remember Emily. 165. New ring. Let’s do this up! I can do this.

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