My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!


I am amused by the fact that I get about triple the views per day when I don’t post anything for a week.


Quick update: Haven’t weighed in for quite a while, decided to give up on Biggest Loser for now, wasn’t working for me anymore. Got a Zumba game for my wii that I’ve done once, but for the most part I’ve been pretty lazy and stressed. The whole being not fat thing has kind of failed for the past few weeks (aka past month)

Being so stressed about my job plays a big role I think…. I’m pretty drained and all I want to do is flake on the couch and eat fuzzy peaches at the end of the day. My emotions are all just so… DONE. I hate it. I hate that job. Ugh.

I don’t know what to do. I just need to……. FIX my life. Just find a way to eat well, exercise, be good at my job, have some friends, not get my boyfriend mad and upset with me….

There’s just so much. I can’t handle all of it. And unfortunately right now the things that are falling the most to the side are my eating and my exercising.

Which is bad.


Help me?


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  1. I know all those things can really get to a person. I don’t really have friends either, and I can’t even find a job….I really wish we could fast-forward a year so you were living just down the street and we could hang out.

    Usually with a job though there are good days and bad days? Same even with friends and significant others? It sucks when they all go south at once, but at least one of them should improve soon.

    I am determined to bring your bike when we come out this week. That might be a way to get you out of the house to do your exercise.

    Wuv you bad.


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