My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!


Worked out tonight. It’s tough on a full stomach… Blah. I felt icky after, but overall still feeling pretty darn spectacular.

I weighed myself on James’s bathroom scale today….. 164. ONE SIXTY FOUR.

How did that happen?!



So I’ve been eating pretty well. I’ve found a pretty awesome balance between healthy and yummy. I got to have a slurpee, a little bit of chocolate and a sherbet bar today, and I still am under my calorie limit. Yet I also filled my tummy with healthy yumminess too 🙂 I think feeding myself and staying under 1400 calories is really not that difficult. I’m pretty used to it now. I’ve actually been under 1300 the past few days…. I’m feeling good.

Work is going well. It’s pretty exhausting. Today was the first day with the kids at work, and it was kind of just the teensiest bit INSANE.

Got home, vegged on the couch, then decided to work out at 8:30… so I did. I put it on level Hard. 4th hardest of 5 levels of difficulty. and I got 4/5 proficiency. I did really well. I’m proud of myself. Got 5/5 on both tire jumps AND jump rope with high knees 😀 I was so happy! I’ve never done that before…. 🙂

So yes. Life is going pretty darn well. I’m feeling great.

Also, yes, sister, I would like to see you soon and make vegan mac and cheese!! I have a craving for that for some reason. 🙂 please?!


Comments on: "Exhaustion" (2)

  1. I just bought some twisty macaroni today so we might just be able to make that happen.

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