My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Hello, my fine feathered friends. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve given you a proper post.

I’ve kept myself well in-check the past week, been eating well. For the most part I’ve stayed in the range of 1300-1400 calories… except yesterday I only ate about 1100 for whatever reason. I’m not sure why, just wasn’t as hungry I suppose.

I worked out this morning, did 30 minutes of circuit training (still on challenging, which is the middle level of difficulty). Working my core so hopefully by the end of summer I’ll be feeling good enough to buy myself a bikini ^_^

I also went and played tennis with mom for an hour today. It was tons of fun, and actually a lot more exercise than I was expecting (mostly because I’m not very good and we have to chase the balls all over the court). So yes, got lots of exercise today and I’ve eaten alright. Had a bit of a setback today, sat down with a bag of baked chips and ate the rest of it ( 350 calories) which is a lot less catastrophic than it could have been. I still feel disgusting from it and it was 5 hours ago, so hopefully I won’t be stupid enough to make that mistake again.

And even though I ate all those calories, I’m still far under my limit for today. I just feel really gross from all that greasy fat. Even baked chips…in that portion, my body does NOT take kindly to it anymore. I’m simply accustomed to better food now, and in far smaller amounts.

Ah well. It was a relatively small mistake, one that I hope I won’t make again. I’m not overly upset besides the fact that dinner tonight was a really yummy one and I’m feeling even sicker even from a tiny portion of it. Kinda feeling like I’m going to throw up at the moment, actually. But I’ll be okay. Just need to let it settle, drink lots of water and not eat anything else tonight. I’ll live.

Starting early shifts tomorrow. I begin at 7:30, Monday Wednesday and Friday. I have workout scheduled for tomorrow, but I’m going to push it to Tuesday so I don’t have to wake up at 6 tomorrow morning. I think that’s fair. I’ll still be getting exercise working with the kids, running around outside and playing. All will be well. And tomorrow I’ll be OUT of the house, where there is a limited supply of food.

I hope all is well in your worlds, my readers. Be happy 🙂


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  1. I’m glad your summer is going so well so far. You going to come visit me one day? Miss you. XOXO

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