My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Working Woman

Started my job on Monday. There’s so much junkfood around that place, it’s hard to contain myself. I’ve kept myself around a solid 1300-1400 calories daily. Feeling really good actually.

Worked out this morning. Started a new routine because I had JUST started that previous one when I hurt my back, so I had skipped all the workouts except one, so I pretty much started the same thing over again. Abs. Yet my arms hurt worse from the abs workout than they ever did from the arms workout. Go figure.

I’ve found a pretty good balance between eating the foods I love and eating smart. It feels, tastes and IS completely wonderful. I think this summer is shaping up to be a fantastic one. Especially because I get to spend a TON of time outside (weather permitting) playing with the kids and having fun. I love my job. I love the fact that I have self control 🙂 I love how great I feel after a tough workout in the morning, and I love the burn in my legs after the 15 minute powerwalk to mom’s work after I’m done my shift (we carpool).

All in all, everything is starting off pretty darn well this summer. Good job, good eating, good exercising. 96.8% core average for my Grade 11 year. I’m so proud of myself.

Thanks everyone for all your support. Especially James and my family ^_^ love you all! ❤


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