My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!


I hurt my back a few days ago, so I’ve been taking it easy, no working out, just hot water bottle, relaxing, and tonight I got a massage. Feeling pretty good. I think that on Tuesday I will start working out again. I think I’m just going to restart my program, because I had only done one day when this happened and I had to stop, so I may as well just start fresh.

Since I haven’t been exercising, the last two days I ate in the neighborhood of 1300 calories, a bit less than normal to try to compensate a little for the lack of activity. I’m feeling sluggish, I KNOW I feel better when I work out, but I don’t want this to turn into a permanent injury. I might try a wee bit of light yoga tomorrow morning, nothing too strenuous, but still, some physical activity will feel good.

Last exam is tomorrow, studied my arse off for it, I hope it goes well. Nervous, exhausted and stressed, but it’s gonna be over in 16 hours! Then I get to head to my first day of work, which I am absolutely pumped for. Though I’m not excited that I have to be late for my first day because of physics. If it was any other exam, I wouldn’t care…. but physics…. IT JUST MAKES ME HATE YOU EVEN MOREEE šŸ˜”

Lol, oh well. Work is good times, getting physics over with will be FANTASTIC, and I will get back into the exercise routine in the very near future.

Life is good. šŸ™‚


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