My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Belly Bustin’!

Started a new routine today, since I was crowned BIGGEST LOSER yesterday!! đŸ˜€ I was 167!!!

Looks like counting calories is paying off. I went a bit over today, by roughly 20 calories. Need to start being more careful. I’ve been overeating the past couple days.

New routine focuses on ABS, and it goes for 8 weeks, so hopefully by the end of summer I’ll be feeling spectacular and shapely enough to buy that bikini….wearing it is a whole different story, but we’ll see!

Eating today was interesting. Had baked chips (210 cals), puff wheat square (est 150 calories) and half a cookie from second cup (140 cals)….and half a truffle from france (50 ish cals)

So yeah. A lot more bad food than normal. Plus way too many taco chips with dinner. But oh well, Only went over by about 20 or so, so not too awful…

Not looking forward to chem exam tomorrow. So exhausted.


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