My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

I Feel Spectacular!

Well. Besides the fact that I didn’t eat the best and skipped my workout today…

I’m really starting to FEEL better. I’m starting to notice that this is working. It feels amazing. I looked in the mirror tonight, and instead of feeling icky from eating popcorn and chocolate today, and over-visualizing a tummy that’s barely there, I felt good. I have a figure. I barely have a stomach anymore. My hips are smooth and nicely defined, but not too big and fatty.

I feel pretty.

It’s freaking amazing.

Went for a walk with mom and stayed within my caloric limit even if my choices weren’t the greatest. Have a bit of heartburn from eating chocolate too late (yes James, you were right, as always….SIGH 😛 ), and I’m a bit too full because I wasn’t really hungry when I ate dinner.

But my mentality…. That overwhelms what I normally would have considered a bad day. It’s a wonderful day! got 99% on my Biology 20 final, to end my mark with a 99% 😀 and I had a great afternoon with my sweetheart.

….Paris chocolates are delicious…..Just sayin’…… OM NOM NOM!


Comments on: "I Feel Spectacular!" (1)

  1. Good for you. It’s definitely the FEELING that matters!

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