My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

I Am a Marching Woman

Today was the Picnic and Parade in my community.

It was pouring rain.

I played in the high school marching band.

In the pouring rain.

For an hour.

It was FUN!!!!! 🙂

Didn’t work out today though, because I was tired and needed to study for my biology exam on monday. Did an extra routine on my supposed rest day yesterday, though, which makes up for it. Plus, it’s not like I didn’t get exercise. Carrying a 10 pound trombone, not to mention PLAYING it while walking for an hour….that’s exercise. THAT is aerobics my friends!!!

Today I didn’t choose to eat the most healthy of things. But my portions were well in check, and I consumed roughly 1350 calories, which is 80 less than my daily recommended. I feel pretty good despite the half a doughnut, 15 baked chips, veggie hot wings, and 2 sorbet bars I ate today. The rest of what I ate was all healthy and balanced, and Even though those things were not the healthiest, the portions were good amounts to get the taste I wanted and stay within my limits.

Long story short, I’m feeling good, and I am happy and looking forward to summer.

Still don’t know what to set for my new goal, but seeing as how I am currently making progress and staying in a healthy routine, perhaps I don’t need one. I’ll keep thinking on it.

I nearing the end of my 4 week program on the Biggest Loser. I think after this one I’ll start an 8 week one for over summer. I might also make the routines 10 minutes longer to see if it helps to increase my  results. I think the new counting of calories will definitely bring a wonderful addition to my health and wellness. It’s been going well. I feel great.

On we march, my friends…On we march. It is the journey, and not the destination…


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  1. Wuv u!!!

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