My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Well, here we are my freckled furry fiends. Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOL.

Though I have not met my goals, I am still feeling rather fantastic. The reason for this? At the end of my second goal, I am finally STARTING to make some progress again. Tomorrow I will set myself a new goal after weighing in and finding out where I stand. I’m hoping for 171, but that might be a little bit of wishful thinking. We’ll see what happens.

I’m looking forward to summer, and working, I’ll get to be outside lots playing with the children I work with. It’s such a fantastic job, and it involves fun physical exercise. I’m trying to work it out with my boss that I have early shifts three times a week, so I’ll have time to work out in the mornings twice a week, plus on the weekends, so I’ll keep up with my pattern of 4 workouts a week. Right now I’m signed up for early shifts Monday through Thursday, but I sent her an email and hopefully I’ll be able to get Monday Wednesday and Friday so that I can keep up my routine. It also helps that we’re outside a lot, and we go swimming once a week, which is fantastic exercise even if you’re just fooling around in the water like we do. Walks, going to the park, it’s a lot of fun, I’m getting really excited thinking about it!

Today I did 30 mins of circuit training, got 4/5 proficiency and felt really good after. I think I am getting better. I’m pretty proud of myself, I feel good when I exercise, and it puts me in a good frame of mind for the day.

Just did my push ups. Made it to 11, put my knees down for like half a second, then did 9 more for a completion of 20! I can make some progress if I keep doing them every night, I know I can. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest to set myself a goal like that with a deadline and a certain number. It’s more about overall progress, less about arbitrary numbers. My push ups now are deeper and stronger than they used to be before I went to Paris (I was able to do 20 back then, but they weren’t as good “quality” as the ones I was just able to complete). We’ll see what I weigh in at tomorrow.

Today I consumed about 1435 calories, which is 5 over what the Biggest Loser assigned me to eat today. When I calculated that (before my evening snack), I almost went back into the kitchen to put some of my cherries back. And then I sat for a moment, looked at the snack of 1/3 of a cup of granola, 15 cherries and 5 strawberries (about 205 calories) and thought to myself, “it’s 5 calories. 5. and you’re consuming them in the form of cherries. that’s healthy. 5 calories makes hardly any difference” so I ate them anyway. It was delicious and I felt good after. And I’m still hungry as I sit here writing this before bed, which means I didn’t overeat and I will wake up ready for a good breakfast.

I also cut out all beverages today. Usually I drink about 125mL of juice with breakfast to take my pills and wash down the food, but today I just drank water. That was the only beverage I was drinking on a regular basis anyway, but it was the easiest way EVER to cut 60 calories out of my meal, and i got to eat some extra fruit tonight as a result. It was a great way to stay more satisfied, because FOOD actually fills me up, and JUICE does NOT. Long story short, I would recommend not drinking juice or other beverages, because it is a waste of calories. The vitamins and minerals in it can come from other places that will actually give you a feeling of fullness.

Counting calories is not as difficult as I had anticipated it would be. The only bad thing about it is that I tend to swing toward packaged food because it has the calories listed right there, there’s no guessing involved. But we have a calorie counter book that I’ve been using to help me with my estimations. besides, in the end, it’s not so much about the CALORIES as it is about the PORTIONS and paying attention to everything that goes into my mouth. it makes me so much more conscious of what I’m eating….It’s amazing. I never would have thought something so simple could be so effective. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will help me to start seeing some results. It may not have given me what I hope for in the two days since I started, We’ll see tomorrow, but I think in the long run, I’ll definitely start seeing results from it. In the next few weeks I’ll try to keep being diligent with it (hopefully I don’t get bored and slack, I need to make sure it becomes part of my routine), and it should help me.

I just wrote more words here than I did in my English 20 in class essay portion of my final exam. Go me. Sigh. LOL


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