My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

16 pushups tonight. Well, I guess that’s one better than yesterday, and 14 better than when I set that goal, even if I didn’t meet it.

Today I consumed 1410 calories. The Biggest Loser game recommended that I eat 1433 (33…just the tiniest bit arbitrary, don’t you think?) But I guess that’s some sort of proportion to my weight and how much exercise that it logs I do. So yes, I met the guideline, with much hunger ending my day, but I met it, and I actually feel way better. I’m tired and a bit hungry, but I know I can do this.

Did yoga this morning. Feeling pretty good. I can do this, I can get off this plateau and cycle of negativity and have two good days in a row! Tomorrow will be a good day!

Received some uplifting advice in a comment on yesterday’s post…picked me up. Thank you, whoever you are, for helping me out. That’s why I started this darn blog in the first place! I really appreciate it. And today was a better day!

The only issue I had was this evening, when I got seriously hungry 15 minutes after having eaten dinner. I survived through about an hour and a half of that hunger, then decided, I have 180 calories left in my allowance for today. I’ll let myself have a cinnamon bun. I told James this, and he called me and stopped me because of how upset I was yesterday for letting myself eat one.

I don’t know… I honestly didn’t think that it was that bad of a decision. I know there are better ones. So anyway, I ate half the cinnamon bun and threw the rest away after he called me. I guess it was for the best, even though I made the decision with no guilt. I just wanted something good, and I thought I deserved that much, but I suppose when trying to lose weight and get healthy, food really shouldn’t be a reward. I also ate a little handful of granola after chucking the half uneaten bun.

It’s tough, and I have never been a lover of the feeling of hunger. But I’ll get used to it, my stomach will shrink and I’ll start drinking more water.

It really did make me super aware of everything I ate today, too. I could rattle off everything I ate today without even thinking about it.

Breakfast: 1 cup of red river hot cereal (made of flax and other grains), 1/3 a cup of dried cranberries mixed into it, half a cup of juice. Snack: a peach Lunch: one leftover piece of homemade pizza, some watermelon Snack: fruit cup Snack: 1 slice of weightwatchers multigrain bread (55 cal) with a tablespoon of Jam (20 cal) Dinner: macaroni salad with veggies, half a bun and some squash. Snack: half a cinnamon bun and some granola.

A successful day? I think so! 🙂 Feeling pretty good.

Love you so much James, thank you for everything.


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