My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Ate pretty well today. Only bad thing was late dinner.

Didn’t do my workout this morning.. was feeling kinda icky after a night of nightmares and waking up crying about 5 times… so yeah. just slept in.

Breakfast: waffle and canteloupe Snack: 4-5 small slices of fried green tomatoes and a piece of cornbread (from a friend’s English project, she read “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” and cooked items off the menu. Lunch: an apple and some dry cereal Snack: shared a banana with James Snack: shared a small frozen yogurt from Twisted Yogurt with James. It’s so nummy…and all fat free!! Deliciousness in yogurtygoodnessform! Dinner: corn on the cob, roasted red pepper, pasta (no sauce, just s+p and Parmesan cheese)

and that is all, my friends, I have nothing to say other than that I am happy and exhausted and going to sleepy time now 🙂


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