My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Today was weigh in day……



What I don’t like about the wii system is that it’s so subjective. Last week I wasn’t holding the little remote thingy in my hand, and this week I was. Does it include that, or compensate for it? Ugh. Also, what if I was wearing different clothing?

I ALMOST broke out the bathroom scale this morning because it was driving me so insane. But then I decided to give it a chance for a couple more weeks and see if it seems to be a reliable reference or if I should switch to the bathroom scale again. Even if I do switch back, I still need to be doing it only once a week. As much as it drives me crazy, it’s also better for me because instead of telling me how much my weight is fluctuating, it shows me some actual substantial change.

One thing that has really been frustrating me lately is at school, people offer me bad food and I say no, and they try to force it down my throat and tell me I don’t need to lose weight. I try ad try to explain that I’m not trying to lose weight because I don’t like the way I look, but for health reasons…. Even though in truth it’s a bit of both. I just wish I would get some support from places other than my family and James. I thought this blog would be a good way to do that, though I haven’t really gotten any input from readers (at least none that I don’t already know). It’s hard. It feels a lot of times like I’m doing this by myself.

What would really be nice is finding a way to get myself out of this gosh darn plateau and back into the downward trend. I’ve been trying the past two weeks quite a bit harder than I was in the month prior to that, but it hasn’t made any difference yet. I guess maybe the shorter workout thing isn’t going to work…. I thought it would be more sustainable for me, but I don’t seem to be seeing any results. I’ll give the shorter workouts another week to see if I start seeing results, but then I need to start increasing the length if it doesn’t work.

I ate better at dinner tonight. Had a vegetarian BLT with soy bacon, which was surprisingly delicious! I hadn’t tried the soy bacon before, it tasted almost exactly like fried bologna! Which is a good thing! (though it didn’t taste that much like bacon, it was still really good and made an excellent sandwich.) It was a much healthier dinner than last night, involved whole grains in the bread, and more veggies. I should have only had one piece of bread instead of two, but it just tasted so good…. plus we had pan fried potatoes, which I also should have skipped on.

Other than that, what I’ve eaten today has been:

Breakfast: rhubarb oatmeal crisp (about half the portion I took) and a banana, Lunch: A double size peach fruit cup (160 calories) and some cherries Snack(3:30pm) : Some walnuts and dried cranberries Snack (5:00pm) : A rhubarb tart (not the best choice but at least I controlled my portion. And I already mentioned what I had for supper.

Besides the slight overeating at dinner, which still manages to be a habit no matter how much I try to remind myself when dishing up my plate, I think I did pretty alright today. At the very least I hadn’t really consumed many carbs besides fruit before dinner, so it was probably alright. The reason I know I overate is that I’m not hungry now. If I’m not hungry by bedtime it means I ate too much at dinner. I should be hungry within three hours. So yeah…overate. Again. I need to work on it, and I know that. It’s all just a work in progress.

Did some push ups this evening, managed ten in a row on my toes, took a break, then 7 on my toes, then 10 on my knees, then 5 on toes, then 3 more on toes. Not the greatest, but I’ll work my way back up eventually. I won’t be meeting my goal next week in either respect I don’t think, but I think that the past few workouts plus the extra push ups have really actually been working my arms hard, and they’ve been pretty sore and tired. I’ll get stronger. I know I will. It’s all about time and patience. I’m getting there.



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