My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

It’s coming up so quickly!! Only 9 days of school left. Going to be a busy couple of weeks, and it certainly will be a challenge to keep my eating in check with everything that’ll be going on. I also need to make sure I keep exercising, don’t let being lazy and tired get in my way of that.

Eating was pretty good today 🙂 shared a pizza with James after school which made me feel kind of sick from all the cheese. Had four pieces, plus a Slurpee afterward. That was the only “bad” food I consumed today. Had a very small lunch, a granola bar and a fruit cup, so I was starving by the time I got to his place (I also had an apple between third and fourth block to tide me over). Then dinner was rice, stirfry veggies and veggie gyoza dumplings. Didn’t eat very much at all for dinner because I still wasn’t feeling very well. So all in all, I think today was my best day in terms of food consumption in the recent past.

Got up early to do my 30 minute workout. I’m feeling it! Even though the workouts are shorter and supposedly easier now, I’m feeling it more (a LOT more) than I was before. I think I’m pushing myself a lot harder through every exercise, and I never give up in the middle of an exercise like I used to. I still get the satisfaction of the muscle soreness, the sweat and the feel-good afterglow, but I don’t completely exhaust myself before I have to face an entire day at school. It’s SO much better, and so much more sustainable for me. I actually enjoy it.

HIGHLIGHT!!! I completed an entire round of plank with knee tucks ON MY TOES. WITHOUT STOPPING. I was so proud of myself. And now my arms are so completely filled with soreness that I don’t think it will happen again for another week haha. But it was AWESOME!!


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