My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Another decently good day. Didn’t get much exercise today and ate a bit too much at dinner, but all in all a pretty good day. I’ve been happier with my eating and I’m feeling better in general.

Only things I regret consuming today: a cookie and a baggie of popcorn after dinner when I wasn’t really hungry.

Which is a LOT less than the past few weeks… So we’re making progress here.

Made it through today without weighing, second day in a row, even though it drives me crazy not knowing. I gotta get used to it.

Even though I won’t meet my goal this time, I’m going to do my best to keep driving  toward it, get myself a good start on the next one, whatever it may be. I’m just trying to be healthy right now. Get back on track, even though it’s so difficult with all the stress. 4 core classes, plus Dad is having surgery tomorrow, it’s just kind of…an extremely stressful time. Food is kind of my go-to way of dealing with things, or at least it WAS in the past. I try not to let it rule me like that anymore. All things considered, I am a much healthier person than I used to be. Long term, I have made a ton of progress. It’s a slow, long, difficult journey, but in another year from right now, I’ll have made even more. Even though it feels like I’m not accomplishing anything right now, I’m still paving the way for a healthier future. And that is really important to me.

I will do the best I can. I can and will do this.

❤ James ❤ ~~ thanks for all you do for me.


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