My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Well. It certainly has snuck up on me… I let myself believe I still had so much time and now I’m going to pay for it. I have to deal with the reality of the fact that I probably won’t reach my goal. Tonight I am 176.5lbs. I did the first workout I’ve done in probably two and a half weeks. Pretty sad, but it felt good, so maybe I’ll keep up with it (no, Emily, not maybe. You MUST.)

I started a new program, abandoning the old one on biggest loser because of how long it’s been between my efforts. I started a 4 week program for 3 workouts a week on the 3rd out of 5 difficulty level. That’s one level easier than the previous program, and I also shortened the workout length. I don’t know if it’s going to end up being too easy, but I think that it’s best if I ease myself back into it. It felt really good tonight doing that workout, but that doesn’t mean I’ll always have the time or energy.

I’m still jetlagged from going to Paris. On said trip, ahem, I only gained about 1.5-2 pounds 😀 which I’m pretty proud of. The French like their butter :S. Still getting caught up on schoolwork and sleep. But I need to get back on track with eating better and exercising. It can’t be optional anymore. That workout made me realize just how crappy my body was feeling from being left untended.

When I started the new program, I remeasured my waist and hips and compared it to how big they were at the beginning of the previous program.

Waist: size reduced by one inch! (I don’t remember the exact numbers)

Hips: size reduced by two inches!!

So that felt pretty damned amazing (it also explains why I need to go shopping and buy new pants and a new belt, my pants never seem to stay where they’re supposed to anymore lol)

I’ll start blogging more religiously again now that I’ve regathered my willpower, and James will see to my exercise. I might try counting calories, or at least trying to budget better what goes into my mouth, gets chewed on and swallowed.

Bought some awesomely yummy gum in Paris, so that gives me something to chew on and NOT swallow lol. But yes, going to try to keep better track of what I eat again now that I’m back home.

So adios until tomorrow, my friends, and best of luck to you all in your own ventures.


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