My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

This morning I was 174.5 lbs

Haven’t started losing any weight again, need to really get back on track. I’ve been pretty lazy about it. Did 40 minutes of intense yoga this morning and went for a fast 20 minute walk. The bad things I ate today were sharing a scoop of ice cream with James and a packet of Runts.

Just really tired and grumpy. Sleep time.

Keep believing in yourself. Eat when you’re hungry and only until you’re not hungry anymore. Eat your last meal 4 hours before bed. Exercise every day, even just for 20 minutes. Build a routine. Get in the habit. Make it part of who you are. ❤


Comments on: "Miles to the Finish Line: 42" (1)

  1. Sorry I kind of forgot about this for a few days because part of me thought you wouldn’t continue the blog after your birthday. But then I remembered last night and was like, oh I should check I guess.

    Your new goals sound very reasonable and very doable. If you’re already at five pushups you’ll definitely be there by a month and a half!

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