My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 1!!

I think the reason my eating has been not so great lately is because I have no specific goal set for myself right now. Tomorrow night I will set a new one and I will start working harder again to achieve what I need.

Did a 30 minute box-fit routine on the game today, weighed in on it at 173lbs! My own scale said 175, and tonight I’m 178 on my own scale.

My birthday is tomorrow, and I achieved my goal. I did it. What I thought for so long was impossible, I actually did. I did it!!

I made a decision tonight. When I reach 160lbs I am going to buy a bikini.


Not for anyone else, I might not even wear it in public. But yknow what?! It’ll be hot 😀 and I will feel goood that I got there and that I feel confident enough to sport a couple of band aids that pass off as a bathing suit 😉

160lbs is a bit of a distant goal for the moment, I think I’ll think somewhere more within the realm of getting out of the 170’s by the end of May or something. I want to be more creative than that, this present goal had sparkle just in that this was such a treat for myself, to have reached my birthday and have lost this much weight. It feels SO good.

But hey, as of this morning, 160 was only 15 pounds away. Which is not so distant as it used to be. 160 is within the range of a healthy weight…Which is almost so amazing it’s terrifying. I’ll be there by summer. I WILL, because I WILL stick to this!


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