My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 6

Had a pretty good day, again, trying not to weigh myself quite so often (I might regret this on my birthday when I’ve gained a bunch of weight by thinking I was eating well but really wasn’t… we’ll see)

Went for two medium length walks today, one around half an hour, the other about 20 minutes. Did my best to avoid the Easter chocolate, managed to only eat one packet of Hershey Eggies (about two hundred calories) over the course of the day, which is better than yesterday. However, dad was cooking, which means we actually ate together, and the portions were less under my control, which means they were bigger. Did as best as I could though. tomorrow is another day, as my mother said.

Breakfast: hardboiled egg (easter’s fault), a piece of toast, a third of a papaya, a couple bites of yogurt, small glass of juice Snack: a bit of smoothie and frozen blueberries Lunch: small tortilla baked with olive tapenade, bell pepper and mushrooms (my version of pizza, quick and healthier) Snack: a plum Snack: small slice of bread with jam Dinner: veggie burger, corn on the cob, potatoes Snack: blueberry apple crumble

Keep in mind that over the course of the day, one or two here and there, I ate that little baggie of chocolate. Not too bad if I do say so myself, except that portioning could have been better.

Goodnight to all 😀


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