My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 7

Didn’t weigh today, trying not to do it as often. My eating was not the greatest…. blah. Oh well, what do you do when mom breaks out the Easter candy early right? 😉 Did the 50 minute yoga this morning, was pretty good getting back into the exercise routine. Felt good, got 5 out of 5 proficiency overall 🙂 Pretty proud of myself for that, but not much else today. Spent the entire day (except workout) vegged out on the couch, working on my essay for school and watching tv. I stayed virtually in the same spot for 10 hours, which is disgusting. I feel yucky.

Before workout: half a banana Breakfast: an egg, a bagel thin, potatoes, some fruit. (I dont even like eggs, why did I eat that??) Snack: a few baked potato chips, a plum, a bit of fruit smoothie, a few honey peanuts. Snack: chocolate eggies, a carrot Snack: a very thin slice of bread with jam Dinner: pumpkin ravioli with fresh tomatoes, spinach salad, a bun wit jam. Snack: candy Snack: a few crackers (because I forgot to take my meds and if I don’t eat when I take them it results in intense pain.)

So it’s pretty obvious that there could have been a lot of improvement today. I’m burning to know what I weigh, and I know it won’t be pretty. I’m disappointed in myself, but it also is okay to look forward to tomorrow and know that I can and will do a better job, I have something to work toward. Tomorrow’s easter, for heaven’s sake, who decided we all had to pig out on chocolate?! blah. I will just have to do the best I can, and exercise even though I don’t have a workout scheduled lol. Just have to pay a little closer attention to what I put in my mouth.

Antibiotics are starting to kick in, didn’t eat much when I took them. Hurts. Time for bed, I think. Goodnight to all.


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