My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 8

With a week and a day left to go, I have my very first taste of victory.

My very first taste of the 170’s at night, the taste of NOT seeing an 8 in the slot of the second digit, the taste of This is why I’m doing this, this is what I have been working for.

I was away on a trip to Disneyland with my school band for 4 days, then I got home and came down with strep throat, which I am still recovering from, so working out has been pretty minimal.

Today I went back to it, did the BL Challenge thingme, which I was epic fail at (it was all pushups and sprints starts and pushups and sprint starts and I am NOT good at those two things just yet), so I came in third last on this week’s rank 😦 but that’s okay, I lost another pound (even though I was in Disneyland, I am not entirely certain how I managed that!). Today I also did a quick 10 minute yoga session for a bit of extra exercise.

Not feeling the greatest from the antibiotics I’m on. Eating has been interesting, has mostly involved carbs to calm my stomach.

Breakfast: bagel thin, one side with light strawberry cream cheese, the other with margarine, plus a banana Snack: some pineapple and grapes Lunch: 3 falafels wrapped in lettuce with spicy mustard Snack: some caramel popcorn, a few coconut m&m’s (brought those back for James from Cali), half a can of 7 up (This snack was not my shining moment, don’t follow its lead!)  Dinner: Veggies, brussel sprouts, potatoes with gravy, a piece and a half of bread

And that is that.

I received a comment a while ago that really discouraged me… I would just like to put it out there that if you don’t like my blog, don’t read it, and that it’s pretty obvious that this adventure is not the easiest one I could have chosen to embark on. I have up days and down days, and I am here to communicate what I’m feeling with the world around me. I hope that some people find it helpful. Smiles!


Comments on: "Days till Birthday: 8" (3)

  1. Are you talking about me for some reason?? I hope not. Want to be encouraging and caring….

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