My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 17

I woke up this morning at 6 as usual, and felt sick. Did my workout anyway, almost threw up. Then I got dressed and ate breakfast, and then I DID throw up. So breakfast was negligible (it was cheerios, milk, half a banana and a small glass of juice). I didn’t eat much at all today because I was feeling sick.

Lunch: goldfish crackers (probably too many if it was a normal day but by that time I was really hungry) Snack: a bran raisin muffin Dinner: 2/3 of a veggie tv dinner (contained rice, tofu, spinach and beans), some salad.

So yeah, I was 180.5 lbs at 9:10 pm tonight. Lol, that’s one way to do it I guess, but it’s not the healthy way.

My workout was 40 minute circuit training, I had a really hard time with it because I wasn’t feeling very well. burned 350 calories though 🙂

It has been suggested to me by a few people now to STOP weighing myself so often…. a friend of mine said to reduce it to only once a week. I think it would drive me crazy not to know what my daily progress is… I think after my birthday I’m going to try weighing less often. Once a week if I can possibly stand it, but I might have to work my way down to that. Maybe I’ll start with only once a day, then once every two days, and so on.

I’m just scared I’ll think that I’m doing well and then I won’t be, and it’s a week later and I’ll have gained pounds that could have been prevented. On the other hand, maybe I’m psyching myself out by weighing so often… I don’t know. I think until the end of this goal time period I’m going to continue with this and then try to make it less often afterward.

Just a note for anyone who cares, that is if anyone is actually out there reading this in order TO care, I’ll be away for a few days. I might be able to post, I’ll do my best. I make no guarantees, though.

I hope you had a good day, and that subsequent ones will follow that same pattern.

Love you James, I’m going to miss you. We’ll be back together soon. ❤


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  1. I’m still reading…

  2. Kristine said:

    Me too!

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