My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 18

There’s no way I will meet my goal. Not at this rate. 182.5 lbs at 8:30pm.

I’m just so frustrated. Even when I think I’m portioning well and eating healthy I still gain.

Did my challenge and weigh in this morning on Biggest Loser. Scored first in the challenge and 2nd in overall weight loss out of the “contestants” on the game.

The game said I was 179, the scale said I was 180. Which is a pound heavier than the past couple days, I thought I would be okay, but apparently not. It’s so hard when I put in effort and it’s so futile. I don’t see results all the time. And tomorrow I’ll probably be 181 in the morning because I’m 182.5 right now. Stupid me.

Breakfast: some cheerios with minimal skim milk, a kiwi, small glass of juice. Snack: an apple Lunch: 7 crackers with crunchy peanut butter Snack: 5 small slices of dried mango Snack: a grapefruit. Dinner: gnocci with alfredo sauce, asparagus, tomatoes and cucumber

I guess I ate too much gnocci. I thought I had portioned myself well, but apparently not. Gotta be more careful. There needs to be no more excuses. Excuses aren’t good enough anymore.

Went for a walk for about 15-20 minutes with mom since it was rest day. Should have gone longer but I was in the middle of cooking dinner.

I hope whoever’s out there had better success than I did today.


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