My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 20

at 9:20 pm I was 181.0lbs. same as last night if I recall correctly. This morning I was 179.0lbs! It was so great to see a 7 there for two days in a row, hopefully will be a third tomorrow. 🙂

Before workout: half a banana Breakfast: toast w/peanut butter, small glass of juice, some strawberries, half a grapefruit. Snack: Licked the spoon when mom made puffed wheat squares, ditto for muffins, one mini muffin (it contained fruit lol) Lunch: two small slices of pizza, assorted veggies. Snack: small puffed wheat square (so many carbs, no wonder I didn’t go down today!) Dinner: Stuffed pasta (four shells stuffed with veggies), a small piece of garlic bread, salad with light dressing, two chocolate covered almonds

Overall pretty good portioning, should have eaten more fruits less carbs.

Had yoga on Biggest Loser this morning for 50 minutes, was NOT intense enough, I was barely sweating and didn’t even burn 200 cals. I was not impressed. Need to switch my workout times back to an hour. The extra ten minutes really does make a difference for me.

Looking forward to spring!


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