My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 26

9:15– 183.5lbs

Not the most impressive. Ate too much at dinner. I’m starting to wonder if I really will be able to lose enough weight by my birthday to be under 180 all the time. I guess all I can do is keep working toward it. If I don’t do it… I’ll have to forgive myself and move on. The overall goal is to be healthy, and I’m on a good path to doing that.

Breakfast: I honestly spent quite a while trying to remember and I cannot. Something healthy though (if it wasn’t it would be memorable) Snack: half a granola bar, a banana Lunch: granola and yogurt. Snack: other half of the granola bar, an apple. Snack: 18 baked chips (less than 100 cals), a plum, a kiwi. (kiwi with skin on, I know most people think it’s weird but I like the taste.) Dinner: pasta salad, veggies, a slice of bread, two taquitos. (Next time, skip bread, skip taquitos, cut amount of pasta salad in half. Rawr) Snack: a few grapes.

Need to drink more water. I always forget at school.

Did a 50 minute circuit training on biggest loser this morning, was awful dragging my butt out of bed at 6 am to do it but I felt good after. Also went for a brief walk at lunch with a friend around the school.

Feeling good, but pretty tired. Need sleeep!


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  1. Kiwi with skin is good. Lots of calcium in there! Mmmmm fuzzy food NON-ANIMAL.

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