My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 27

At 9:20 pm: 182.0 lbs.

Did 50 mins of yoga on Biggest Loser this morning, was pretty good but hurt my back a bit on some of the tougher poses. Also went for a long walk with James and S-J, my sis.

Breakfast: 2 and a half small pancakes, fruit salad, juice. Lunch: pita chips, hummus, carrots Snack: pina colada smoothies, leftover pita, hummus and carrots. Dinner: peppers with lentil dip, (guess what, more pita lol), pasta (I was with James, what did you think would happen?!), taco salad with refried beans.

Ate too much at dinner. Ah well, turned out okay. I feel like there’s something I’m forgetting in there but I have no idea what.

Overall it was a good day 🙂


Comments on: "Days till Birthday: 27" (1)

  1. Don’t forget to stretch in the opposite way to the poses you do to give your back a break??

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