My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days Till Birthday: 29

I weighed myself before bed last night and I was 185.5 lbs. Tonight I’m 185. This morning I was 183.

Feeling better today, less stressed and upset with myself. Need to get back eating a bit better, today was a lot better than yesterday, but there is still room for improvement.

Before workout: banana and glass of juice. Breakfast: piece of toast w/ peanut butter, half an orange. Snack: A couple slices of dried mango Lunch: some instant noodles (so bad for you, couldn’t really find much else I wanted to eat) Snack: bowl of granola mixed with nectarine yogurt (YUMMM, and healthy =] ) Dinner: salad, a slice of bread, miscellaneous fruit. Snack: a little bowl of baked chips.

Overall not bad. Only gained two pounds over the course of the day which is decent.

I did a lot of exercise today!! Did a 50 minute circuit training on TBL and also went for two walks, one with dad, one with mom.

Is anyone out there?


Comments on: "Days Till Birthday: 29" (1)

  1. Theres always someone out there, looking after you. Even if you dont know it

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