My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

Days till Birthday: 31

Didn’t do so well with my eating today. Was over at James’s (aka boyfriend, aka most important person in Em’s life, she’d go insane without him) house, and he has the WORST eating habits imaginable. Pretty much he eats pizza and pasta and popcorn. Carbs. Blahhhh. So yeah, that’s what I ate today.

Before workout: Half a banana and juice. Breakfast: other half of banana, bowl of cereal (mmmm kashi) 11am snack: a few almonds Lunch: yummy salad with honey mustard dressing, too much pasta 😦 4 pm snack: too much popcorn with m&ms. must break this habit of eating badly at James’ house. Dinner: veggie burger (I’m vegetarian), salad with minimal dressing, asparagus.

I feel full, a feeling I haven’t had in over a week since I started trying to eat smaller portions. It’s not pleasant anymore. I used to enjoy that feeling… it used to be a comfort, a pleasure. Now it makes me feel fat.

Workout this morning was fantastic though!! 450 calories wiped outta my system. I started doing the biggest loser game for wii last week. It’s brutal.

It started off with a “challenge” where I had to push myself through a series of exercises as hard and as long as I could. It started with light, then moderate, hard, challenging, and intense. I made it partway through the “challenging” level before it stopped me because I was like linguini.

So now I am working out 4 times a week for 50 minutes on the “hard” level. By the end of it I am sweating hard, yelling at the digital trainers and wishing I had never started doing this. But afterward, when I step on the scale, NOTHING HAS EVER FELT BETTER. It is so amazing.

My current weight is: 182.5 pounds……………….


Even after eating too much tonight I STILL lost weight today.

It really works. To all those girls out there who are trying to lose weight, don’t waste your time with fad/crash diets. Eat HEALTHY. Exercise. IT WORKS.


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