My adventure to achieve a healthy weight!

10 little things to make yourself feel beautiful

  1. Dance to your favourite song when you’re getting dressed in the morning (Pump it, get the adrenaline going!! Feel good, sing, move your body!!)
  2. Buy a new outfit(Just a little something new you can look forward to wearing, something that makes you look fantastic just the way you are!)
  3. Post sticky notes around the house on things you use often with quotes or something that makes you happy written on them. (eg: “Smile, someone loves you”, “You are beautiful”, whatever makes you feel good.)
  4. Dress up and have a photo shoot, just about everyone, family or friends, whoever you do it with, loves to have a fun night doing something a little different. Spend a night having lots of laughs and crazy poses.
  5. Do your hair a different way, curl it, straighten it, let it drip-dry, just do something you wouldn’t normally do. Give yourself a little attention out of the norm, give yourself a day of change. Every time you look in the mirror you’ll smile.
  6. Wear some old jewelry, I love pulling out things I haven’t worn in a while, makes me feel on top of the world and special 🙂
  7. Paint your nails, every time you look down at your hands you’ll notice, and it’s and inexpensive way to change up your look.
  8. Set an alarm reminder on your phone for a couple days in advance with a message saying “I’m beautiful and loving it!!”
  9. Write happy thoughts on your mirror with a dry-erase marker, feel-good pictures, sayings, quotes. Soon you’ll start associate those happy thoughts with your appearance 🙂
  10. Smile as often as you can! Happiness radiates beauty! Live it, Love it, Be it!

If anyone out there has more ways to make everyone feel good and beautiful, please comment!


Comments on: "10 little things to make yourself feel beautiful" (1)

  1. Cute Shoes make me happy also!:)

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